Brother MFC-J995DW Drivers Download

by Brothers Supports on April 6, 2019

Brother MFC-J995DW Drivers Download

Brother MFC-J995DW Drivers Download

Brother MFC-J995DW Drivers Download

Support for Operating System:

  • Microsft Windows
  • OS X
  • Linux

Brother MFC-J995DW Drivers Download for Windows

Description Link Support
Brother MFC-J995DW Full Driver & Software Package Download Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, 10
Brother MFC-J995DW Add Printer Driver Download
Brother MFC-J995DW XML Paper Specification Printer Driver Download


Brother MFC-J995DW Drivers Download for OS X

Description Link Support
Brother MFC-J995DW Full Driver & Software Package Download OS X 10.11, OS X 10.10, 10.9, 10.8, macOS 10.12
Brother MFC-J995DW Printer Driver Download
Brother MFC-J995DW Firmware Update Tool Download


Brother MFC-J995DW Drivers Download for Linux rpm

Description Link Support
Brother MFC-J995DW Driver Install Tool Download Linux x32 Linux x64
Brother MFC-J995DW LPR printer driver (rpm package) Download
Brother MFC-J995DW Scanner driver (rpm package) Download


Brother MFC-J995DW Drivers Download for Linux deb

Description Link Support
Brother MFC-J995DW Driver Install Tool Download Linux x32 Linux x64
Brother MFC-J995DW LPR printer driver (deb package) Download
Brother MFC-J995DW CUPSwrapper printer driver (deb package) Download


Source File: Support Brother

Brother MFC-J995DW Printer Reviews– Brother MFC-J995DW INKvestment Tank All-in-One printer (199.99 US dollars) offers a good mix of convenience and productivity that small offices will love. It comes with automatic duplex printing and can print from a variety of memory devices, two of which we don’t see in many of its competitors. Although running costs are not the lowest out there, they are still very competitive, making the MFC-J995DW an excellent multipurpose printer for moderate and home offices with moderate volumes of printing and copying.

MFC-J995DW is very similar in size to Canon Pixma G4210 and is slightly taller, longer and lighter than Brother MFC-J775DW and several others by Brother-volumetric AIO. The INKvestment Tank Model contains four fixed ink tanks inside the chassis, just behind the place where you can place the ink cartridges. (I’ll talk more about these for a moment.)

For work with paper, MFC-J995DW supports 101 divided sheets between a cassette of 100 sheets on the front and a bypass with one sheet or multipurpose tray on the back. This is the same as MFC-J775DW and Pixma G4210, minus the bypass tray. Epson ET-3750 comes with one 150 sheet tray, and the HP OfficeJet Pro 6978 has a 225-sheet tray (both models are similar AIO).

Like Some of Brother’s previous AIO in this class, MFC-J995DW comes with a slightly smaller capacity (20 sheets) of automatic document feeder device (ADF), but this is just one of the printers mentioned here that support automatic duplex scanning. Its Maximum monthly working cycle is 5000 pages, with a recommended volume of 1500 pages.
MFC-J995DW supports almost every connectivity you can invent, including Ethernet, Wi-Fi, connecting to one PC via USB, Wi-Fi Direct and Near Field Communication (NFC). The Last two are wireless protocols that allow you to connect your printer to your smartphone or tablet without being connected to a router or network. In Addition, NFC is a print touch protocol that allows you to connect your mobile devices to the printer by simply tapping them to a hot spot on the printer.

Other Mobile connectivity features are Brother Cloud Connect, which is a collection of utilities for remote printing and scanning from email, cloud, fax, and various Microsoft Office programs. Most of the popular cloud sites are supported, including user and “for business ” Versions of Box, Dropbox, Evernote, Google Drive, OneDrive, and OneNote. Third-party mobile connectivity features include Apple AirPrint, Google Cloud Print, Mopria and several others.

If that’s not enough, you can copy files from and to MFC-J995DW using USB sticks and/or SD cards from two media ports located to the left of the control Panel.

With MFC-J995DW, Brother has released a new iteration of his ink-saving program-INKvestment, called INKvestment Tank Extended Print. Unlike the Canon’s EcoTank and Canon MegaTank products, where you load tanks from bottles, the INKvestment technology (like Instant Ink) of HP relies on conventional cartridges. The Research tank is a hybrid between a standard cassette and a cassette/onboard configuration. You still buy and replace cartridges when you are low, but the cartridges are unloaded in internal secondary tanks.

According to Brother, the cartridge electronics have moved to internal tanks, so significantly increasing the capacity of removable cartridges-in this case, what are the costs of ink? I’Ll talk more about the number of pages that come in the box and the running costs, and about these types of specs later, but I should note that since the investment tank doesn’t have to exhaust, the benefits of this new technology are primarily Convenience.

In Addition, Brother has thrown into the gauge, which counts how many pages you have printed and evaluated how many are left instead of showing these highly inaccurate ink indicators. Just like HP’s instant ink programs, the printer keeps track of ink and notifies you when it’s low, and you can order backup cartridges directly from the control Panel.

Finally, as with the previous investment iteration, MFC-J995DW is available in the XL version and non-XL version. With the previous product, however, the difference is that the XL version comes with three sets of relatively large ink cartridges. MFC-J995DW XL, on the other hand, comes with only one set, but the tanks themselves can absorb twice as much ink-or up to two years, depending on how much you print, of course.

Brother prices for MFC-J995DW on 12 pages per minute (page/Min.) For monochrome pages and 10 p. /Min for color. I Tested it through Ethernet on our standard Intel Core i5 pc running Windows 10 Professional. When you print our page with 12-side black-and-white text messages in Microsoft Word, I triggered it at 10.5 ppm or slightly less than its rating. It’s close to 10ppm, which we saw from MFC-J775DW, 5ppm slower than Epson ET-3750, 6.4 ppm slower than HP 6978 and 2.2 ppm faster than Canon G4210. The Result of the MFC-J995DW here means that it is rather aimed at the offices with moderate use.

I Also fixed the time for the detail of our two printed two and four colour 4-to-6-inch photos. Its Average value of 32 seconds per photo is around par for this level of AIO. He fell behind G4210 with about 10 seconds, but was mentioned here on average for half a minute.

Not a few years ago, Brother inkjet printers were spotted as great text printers, but graphics and photo printers, but these days are gone. The Prints and copies of MFC-J995DW are colorful graphical and graphical content for acceptance in most business scenarios. As usual, the text was crisp, well-formed and very readable at around 4 or 5 points.

The Only real flaw I found was a lightweight sliding in a black-and-dark green slope that goes along the width of the page, but it wasn’t necessarily ugly, and frankly, most of the investors experienced it with problems with this task. However, MFC-J995DW had no problems printing our test photos. It did not come out as vibrant as can be seen from the six Photoprinter, but was detailed and precise, better than acceptable to most small companies, schools and families.

While this printer offers better operating costs, there are now some printers such as the Canon G4210 (less than 1 cent per page for monochrome and color pages) that just leave it in the dust. , MFC-J995DW prints black pages at about 1 cent per page and color pages of less than 5 cents. If All you print is 150 pages per month, these numbers aren’t collected very quickly, and besides, you probably won’t be buying ink for a year.

Of all the brands with discount ink (Instant Ink, EcoTank, MegaTank and INKvestment), the cost per page of INKvestment are highest, but this is again not critical for a printer designed to maintain a modest volume. And compared to the non-bulk ink models, the running costs here are thefts.

Brother Printers work forever, and the company supports this with a two-year warranty that occupies a slightly higher purchase price of MFC-J995DW for what is essentially a top-level machine. After all: I can’t think of a reason to buy this printer unless you need something better or higher. If It’s larger in volume, faster and better, if you want, take a good look at our selection of Brother MFC-J6930DW editors, and for superb photo removal, Canon’s Pixma TS9120 (another of our best photos) should serve you well. Otherwise, for everyday use in the small office, Brother MFC-J995DW is a great choice.

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